Magazine article Sunset

Rolling on Style

Magazine article Sunset

Rolling on Style

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Use three easy paint techniques to transform a room

One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to add instant style to your home is with paint. Stylist Bill Samios's three artistic techniques shown here are all done with paint rollers and masking tape, plus other basic materials that you'd need for any interior paint project. "With a little extra time and effort, you can add an exciting visual element to a room," Samios says. "Anyone who can paint a room can do this."

Before starting your own project, fill and sand cracks and indentations to get a smooth work surface.


Additional materials

three colors of paint (Samios used two shades of blue and a complementary ivory)

three 9-inch rollers

1 1/2-inch-wide masking tape

1. Use one roller to paint the wall the lightest color; let dry.

2. When base coat is dry, use the width of the level to trace a line around doorways. Use a brush to paint this area the darkest color to create the illusion of a molding. Use the level to sketch a line where the top of your wainscoting will be. Any point near the middle of the wall is fine; the wainscoting in the photo below is 47 inches from the floor.

3. Starting 1 1/2 inches from one end, divide two rollers into alternating bands of taped and untaped sections of equal widths. Secure tape as tightly as possible.

4. Using a wrapped roller and the darkest color, paint vertical lines beginning at one doorway. To maintain proper spacing, let one saturated section of the roller overlap the molding band, and for each successive set of lines, paint one line overlapping the previous one. Continue to the other doorway or the end of the wall.

5. Using the third color and a wrapped roller, paint stripes between the darker ones. It's okay to have rough lines.

6. When finished with the stripes, use the width of the level to mark guidelines to paint a false baseboard and top molding. Fill using a brush and the darkest paint color.

Horizontal stripes

Additional materials

two colors of paint

two 9-inch rollers

3-inch-wide masking tape

a ruler

1. Use a roller to paint the entire wall one color; let dry thoroughly.

2. Use masking tape to wrap the middle 3 inches of a roller as tightly as possible, leaving 3 inches of the roller exposed on either side, as shown in the photo above.

3. When the base coat is completely dry, use the level to draw a horizontal guideline 3 inches up from the floor along the length of the wall.

4. Using the wrapped roller and the second color, paint the first set of horizontal lines along the guideline. For each successive set of lines, overlap one end of the roller on the uppermost stripe in order to keep lines level. …

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