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Magazine article In These Times


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Game over, or reset?

It seems like there are four possible ways to go with Rebecca Burns, Michael Donley and Carmilla Manzanet s "Game of Homes" (April): (1) The rental-backed securities are turned into slice-and-dice toxic assets, they implode, and we have another Wall Street crash; (2) People cant earn enough to pay rent, the rental-backed securities go down in value, and we have another Wall Street crash; (3) Several families share one house because its the only way to pay rent, and we have expanding slums; (4) Wall Street convinces Congress to subsidize rents and bail out the corporations (again) while our taxes go up and Republicans excoriate the poor. Too bad the American public cant spell "revolution."

Sharon Jarvis

Laceyville, Penn.

Social Security secure?

It is incredible that we find ourselves today having to go to so much effort to defend Social Security from a Democratic president ("How Social Security Was Saved," April). FDR must be rolling in his grave.

Tommy Bones


While Obama stopped pushing chained CPI he went to something worsemyRA. Social Security has already taken a hard hit and the seed to privatize is planted with myRA.



Talking nonsense

Achy Obejas' can t-we-alljust-get-along ideological perspective is not a left or socialist or even a progressive perspective, but a liberal one ("The Pain of Venezuela," April). Venezuela most definitely does have its share of problems, and these cannot be understood outside of the dynamics of a class struggle. …

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