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Magazine article In These Times


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Tea Party takedown

David Moberg takes the standard Democratic view that nothing can be done about the present state of gerrymandering until after the 2020 census when redistricting would normally take place ("Toppling the Tea Party," May). This is an unfortunate point of view.

If Democrats want to do something about the current abysmal situation, in which state houses and congressional delegations may be dominated by a party that receives a minor portion of the general election vote, they must change the present system of elections. Such a change does not have to wait for the next federal census.

What I am suggesting would be constitutional amendments in various states that would require the state legislatures and governors to establish by law election systems that would distribute seats between and amongst the parties in direct proportion to the total state-wide vote that a party's candidates received in the most recent general election.

Daniel R. Brown

DeWitt, Mich.

Climate change's winners

The beginning of weather porn came years ago, when deniers of human-caused global warming proposed a substitute term, "climate change" ("I Know Weather Porn When I See It," May). That was a powerful difference. Climates change, so what? Big deal.

Unfortunately, all too many people who understand both the existence and the science of global warming now use the term "climate change." Handing the know-nothings a win in the first round is not the way to bring about the real action we need to save our earth. …

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