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Cinema: The Other Woman

Magazine article The Spectator

Cinema: The Other Woman

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Credit: Deborah Ross

The Other Woman

12A, Nationwide

The Other Woman is not just an extremely bad film but also a wholly reprehensible one (she says, with her most disapproving hat on). It's a comedy, although if you find any of it funny, that's all I will ever need to know about you, but its unfunniness isn't what upsets me so much. It's the dishonesty. It's being sold as a film that 'celebrates female friendships' and 'is absolutely a feminist movie' (Cameron Diaz) even though it is an insult to all women everywhere from beginning to end. Who doesn't realise this? Do they expect us not to realise this? I sincerely hope it flops and won't attract an audience but, if it does, that may well be all I need to know about humankind, and I'll just have to throw myself from a bridge or something.

The basic set-up involves three women who plot revenge on the man who is cheating on them all. The three women are Carly (Cameron Diaz), Kate (Leslie Mann) and Amber (Kate Upton). The opening credits unfold with a montage of Carly and her new boyfriend Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) enjoying a number of romantic dates. He is, she thinks, the perfect man (at last! Yay! Life is worth living!) but it all crashes when she turns up at his house unannounced and, in his absence, meets his wife Kate. Kate may be the most annoying character ever. She is shrill and useless and hysterical, but not hysterical ha-ha. She is intended as the main comic character, but is about as funny as banging your elbow really hard on a door jamb while suffering from a tooth abscess and also something nasty picked up in Africa, like malaria.

She turns up at Carly's work and at her home, crying and whining. At no point does Carly sit her down and say: 'Honey, shouldn't you be discussing this with your shit of a husband, who is also a dickhead, by the way?' Instead, they bond (sigh) along with Amber, Mark's other mistress, who serves no proper function, except to run along a beach in slo-mo, once in a skimpy bikini and once in a skimpy bikini strung with small fluffy white pompoms. I saw this with my own undeluded eyes. Meanwhile, Ms Diaz is required to do little more than look super in a series of lovely outfits and wake in the mornings in full make-up. …

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