Magazine article The American Organist

Suggestions for Local Chapter Activities

Magazine article The American Organist

Suggestions for Local Chapter Activities

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The Professional Development Committee of each chapter is responsible for providing information to members that will be helpful in seeking, securing, and maintaining their positions as church or temple musicians. Here are some ideas that local committees might find useful in developing programs and activities to meet this responsibility. A contact person from the national committee has been provided for each topic, to assist in developing these program ideas.

David Rhody, Coordinator

AGO Committee on Professional

Development and Support

1. Improving Clergy-Musician Relations. Plan a discussion meeting around positive approaches to improving staff relations, possibly a book discussion using a resource like Eileen Guenther's Rivals ora Team? or a similar study with practical ideas. You should consider inviting a guest moderator (Dr. Guenther does accept invitations from local chapters when her schedule permits).

Contact: David Rhody


2. Conflict Resolution Training for Church Musicians, Clergy and Lay Leaders. Oneor two-day sessions may be offered. (Tamara Albrecht has written such a curriculum, and a book and/or training manual is in process.) Participants receive a certificate of completion.

a) Sessions may include or also be exclusively offered at church governing retreats (such as vestry, council, session). The church musician, it is hoped, would be invited to such retreats. This would be a time to overview how music and worship are one entity and outline the role of minister and musicians partnerships as having equal status in different areas of ministry. …

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