Magazine article Sunset


Magazine article Sunset


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Add unthirsty succulents like agave, aloe, or kalanchoe to tired-looking flower beds.

Freshen containers with sunloving flowers sold in bloom, like cannas, coreopsis, lilies, rudbeckias, and sunflowers.


when fancy-leafed geraniums get too large for their pots, cut them back by half. Root cuttings in water or potting soil and share with friends.

Tidy up perennials such as echinacea, gaillardia, and penstemon by pruning faded flowers. While doing this, remove dead or yellowing leaves; cut bloom stalks with no new buds to within a few inches of the ground.

Monitor the moisture needs of all newly planted shrubs and trees whenever the temperature exceeds 90°. Plunge a screwdriver into the rootball; if the blade feels dry to the touch, give the roots a thorough soaking.


For lasting bouquets, snip flowers early in the morning. Use sharp pruners and immediately place each stem into a bucket of cold water set in the shade.

Pick raspberries when fruit pulls away easily, leaving the core behind. Berries don't ripen all at once, so prevent spoilage by checking patches often and harvesting frequently. If yellow jackets get the fruit before you do, hang a pheromone trap nearby. …

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