Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

Ms Stenzhorn and Mr Bird by Jameela Jamil

Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

Ms Stenzhorn and Mr Bird by Jameela Jamil

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Bullying and chronic hearing difficulties meant the presenter, model and self-confessed nerd had a tough time at school. But she found allies in two supportive teachers

I was partially deaf as a child but Yvonne Stenzhorn, who taught me maths between the ages of 6 and 11, never made me feel as if I had a disability. She built me up to believe that I could do anything. She made me feel special because I lip-read, saying that I could see the world in a different way from others.

My school, Heathside Preparatory School in Hampstead, North London, had a large proportion of children with special needs. It was a lovely, safe, supportive place and I have fond memories of it.

Yvonne was patient and never patronising. Whenever I made a mistake in maths she would draw a circle on my hand, and at the end of the lesson I would count them up. When I started to collect fewer circles I knew that I was making progress.

And she was very caring. To look after children with special needs, you have to be.

I missed a lot of school as I was in and out of hospital with my hearing. I had grommets and my eardrum would burst easily. If I got water in my ear, I would be deaf for months. Then some hearing would come back.

Yvonne and the other teachers helped me to catch up with work. I remember the headmistress coming to my house to tutor me for the 11-plus exam. It paid off: I passed and won a scholarship to Queen's College on Harley Street. Unfortunately, I hated it there. I was bullied because I was nerdy; I didn't drink, I didn't smoke and I was a poor kid in a posh school.

But this was where I met my second influential teacher. Mr Bird taught ICT and he let me spend my breaks hiding out in the computer room. I wouldn't call him a friend but it was like having an ally. He understood that I found school very lonely.

He was in his forties and skinny. …

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