Magazine article Working Mother

Mom with a Message

Magazine article Working Mother

Mom with a Message

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Veronica Mars, the movie, was released in March, thanks to record-fast funding via Kickstarter. What is it that garners such fan loyalty?

Verinica represents justice to a lot of people. She is an outcast who is always fighting for the underdog-and her weapons of choice are her wit and sass. Veronica is the kind of girl you want to be friends with, and I'm so grateful to the fans for allowing me to play her again.

What do you respond to in this character?

I love that she doesn't give alick about what anyone else thinks. Her self-worth tryly comes from within.

How was it going back to work soon after the birth of your daughter, Lincoln?

I loved every minute of shooting the film and was lucky enough to have my daughter come and visit often on set. But when I'm at home I try not to think about work at all so I can be completely present for her.

You've recently called for the media to stop buying paparazzi images of celebrity children.

I've never been complacent about the commodification of children, but having a daughter of my own has certainly fueled my outspokenness. It's gross that photographers and media outlets make money offof stalking and spying on kids. Childhood is innocent and precious and deserves to be protected. I don't seet it as a celebrity ussue; I see it as a parenting issue.

What about the compromise some have suggested-celebs releasing more officail pics of their kids?

This "negotiation" is utterly baffling to me. The public does not have a right to see celebrity children whenever they want! …

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