Magazine article Acoustic Guitar

The One That Got Away

Magazine article Acoustic Guitar

The One That Got Away

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The last of the big-time losers shouted before he drove away, 'I'll be right back as soon as I crack the one that got away.'" Tom Waits wasn't singing about a lost guitar in that wacky nugget of Dylan-esque surrealism from 1976's Small Change, but how many of us can identify with the big-time loser who lets an amazing guitar slip between our fingers? We asked about the guitars you let slip away and got some great tales of woe. You may notice a familiar name among these-one of AG's editors. You may even find some of these folks in your local pub, "spilling whiskey," as Waits also croaked, "and learning songs about the one that got away."

"A 1971 Martin D-28.1 saved up for a year to buy that guitar. Stolen in Phoenix in 1973. I've spent the rest of my life trying to replace it, and having been moderately successful, I probably have replaced it more than once with more expensive and better-sounding guitars. Wouldn't know for sure without once again holding that special hunk of wood in my hands and strumming a big fat G chord. The serial number was 288181, in case anyone's interested. And, man, I'm still interested after all these years."

Michael Olsen

Fargo, North Dakota

"Lost the opportunity to buy a Larrivee L-03 Silver Oak limited edition. Coincidentally, I later met the guy who bought it and jammed with him."

Nathan Tasker

Nashville, Tennessee

"I loved my Martin 000-40S Ragpicker's Dream. Sang the song I wrote for my wife at our wedding on a working cattle ranch outside of Douglas, Arizona. Then needed the money to pay immigration lawyers to move to Canada for the birth of my daughter. …

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