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The Chemistry Place Web Site

Magazine article MultiMedia Schools

The Chemistry Place Web Site

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Company: Peregrine Publishers, Inc., Wakefield, Massachusetts; Customer Service: 888/827-7483; www.

Price: $79-annual subscription for educators; $99-annual subscription for educators and their students; $2 annual subscription for individual students; district-wide licensing available. Free one-week trial subscription.

Audience: Recommended for high school chemistry teachers and students, instructors of introductory chemistry courses, and students at the college level.

Format: CD-ROM: text, graphics, audio, photographs, animations, video, hyperlinks

System Requirements: Any computer that can access the World Wide Web. Preferred browsers are Netscape Navigator 2.0 (or better) or Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 (or better) optimized for 28.8K modem (or better). You browser must be set to accept cookies in order to properly access the sites.

Description: The Chemistry Place provides teachers and students with a variety of high-interest topics and up-to-date research in chemistry. The site is divided into different sections: Learning Activities, The Chemistry in Your Life, Research News, Scientific American Connection, the Weekly Riddle, and TestFlight.

Reviewer Comments:

Installation: The URL for this site is The home page includes a set of instructions to guide you through the process of selecting a user name and receiving a password.

Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: The Chemistry Place contains a wealth of information and ideas for first-year chemistry students and their instructors. Learning Activities is a section that promotes inquiry-based learning on the Web and contains Investigative Projects that encourage students to use the Web for collecting data, researching a topic, or solving a problem. Categories include consumer chemistry, chemistry of paintings, exploring sizes and scales, environmental issues, and buckyballs. This section also contains a Problem Solving link, which lets students select subject matter on measurement, gases, atomic structure, periodicity, bonding, equilibrium, electrochemistry, organic, or thermodynamics, and then the appropriate level of difficulty. Students have three chances to answer a question correctly with the option of getting some hints or help as they formulate an answer. If your students need additional help in stoichiometry, there is an Interactive Tutorial link providing a comprehensive review. The problem-solving section and the interactive tutorial are most appropriate for first-year chemistry students.

There is a great deal of resource material posted at this site. Chemistry in Your Life contains an assortment of articles on many topics, most of which come with an instructor's guide and links to other Web sites. These materials include but are not limited to drugs used in date rapes, space-age materials, blood and breath alcohol measurements, antifreeze poisoning, fen-phen, nicotine, and environmental issues. Scientific American Connection contains annotated articles selected by the faculty to keep teachers up-to-date, and Research News presents articles that have been summarized by the faculty regarding the latest developments in the chemistry world. A unique feature is an online Weekly Riddle to test students' knowledge; the riddle is presented on Monday, and a new clue is posted each day. …

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