Magazine article Times Higher Education

Grant Winners

Magazine article Times Higher Education

Grant Winners

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National Institute for Health Research

Health Technology Assessment programme

Award winner: Alasdair MacLullich

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Value: £827,431

Development and validation of the 4AT: a new rapid screening tool for delirium

Health Service and Delivery Research programme

Award winner: Jill Maben

Institution: King's College London

Value: £832,965

A longitudinal national evaluation of Schwartz Centre Rounds: an intervention to enhance compassion in relationships between staff and patients through providing support for staff and promoting well-being

Award winner: Sasha Shepperd

Institution: University of Oxford

Value: £595,302

How best to deliver comprehensive geriatric assessment in a cost-effective way

Royal Society

Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Awards are worth £10,000-£30,000 a year, which is a salary enhancement

Award winner: Claire Halpin

Institution: University of Dundee

Understanding lignin biosynthesis to redesign plant biomass

Award winner: Matt Jones

Institution: Swansea University

Information interaction for "bottom of the pyramid" users in developing regions

Award winner: Jon Lloyd

Institution: Imperial College London

Soils and functional biogeography of tropical lowland forests

Medical Research Council

Research Grants

Award winner: Carol Joinson

Institution: University of Bristol

Value: £326,685

Increasing understanding of risk factors and outcomes associated with continence problems in children and adolescents

Award winner: Vassilis Koronakis

Institution: University of Cambridge

Value: £515,220

Salmonella subversion of GTPase signalling at the host cell membrane, a key aspect of pathogen infection

Award winner: Kevin Nisbet Couper

Institution: University of Manchester

Value: £456,646

mTOR control of effector CD4+ T cell activation during malaria infection

Award winner: Ann Ager

Institution: Cardiff University

Value: £416,233

Dissecting the impact of L-selectin on T lymphocyte dependent tumour immunity


New Investigator Grant

Award winner Deena Leslie Pedrioli

Institution University of Dundee

Value £450,000

Developing targeted therapeutics for keratinising skin disorders

Keratinising skin disorders are debilitating genetically diverse hereditary diseases that include epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma and pachyonychia congenita. …

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