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Options to Soothe and Relieve Symptoms of Dry Eye

Magazine article Drug Topics

Options to Soothe and Relieve Symptoms of Dry Eye

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Dry eye, a condition that results from aqueous tear deficiency or evaporative loss, affects roughly 10% to 30% of the U.S. population, especially persons older than 40 years of age. According to a report published in The Ocular Surface in 2007, approximately 3.2 million women and nearly 1.7 million men age 50 and older have dry-eye syndrome, which can be mild, moderate, or severe.

Common symptoms of dry-eye syndrome include burning, stinging, itching, and a scratchy sensation. Eyes may also feel fatigued or sensitive to light and irritated by wind or smoke. They may appear red. An optometrist or ophthalmologist can determine the cause of dryeye syndrome and suggest appropriate over-the-counter medications for patients.

Mild-to-moderate symptom relief

For mild-to-moderate symptoms of dry eye, Alcon offers Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops to help to relieve irritation and provide long-lasting relief. Active ingredients include polyethylene glycol 400 0.4% and propylene glycol 0.3%. The eyedrops are available in 10 mL bottles and a combination pack of one 10 mL bottle for home use and one 5 mL bottle for on-the-go use. For sensitive eyes, a preservative-free formula is available in single-use vials.

For moderate symptoms of dry eye, Systane Gel Drops, with the same active ingredients found in Systane Ultra eyedrops, are formulated to provide a thicker coverage that protects the eye by day or night. For night use, patients may choose Systane Nighttime Ointment, with active ingredients of mineral oil 3% and white petrolatum 94%, to help eyes remain lubricated and comfortable. To prevent further irritation, the preservative-free ointment is also an option.

Bausch+Lomb Soothe Hydration Lubricant Eye Drops help to relieve dryness and combat irritation. The product contains the demulcent povidone 1.25%; according to the company, this protects the comea and supplements the aqueous layer of the tear film. Soothe Long Lasting Preservative Free Formula is also available to treat sensitive eyes and post-LASIK dry eye. Its active ingredients - glycerin 0.6% and lubricant propylene glycol 0.6% - along with alginate, a hydrophilic polymer, help repair the damaged mucin layer of the tear film. …

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