Magazine article Times Higher Education

Grant Winners

Magazine article Times Higher Education

Grant Winners

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Royal Society

Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Awards are worth £10,000-£30,000 a year, which is a salary enhancement

Award winner: Carlos Nuñez

Institution: Swansea University

Duality in string theory, dualities in quantum field theories and applications

Award winner: Alistair Pike

Institution: University of Southampton

Robust chronologies and isotopic windows on human behaviour

Award winner: Hayley Fowler

Institution: Newcastle University

Understanding climate change impacts on hydrological extremes

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Standard Research

Award winner: William Holderbaum

Institution: University of Reading

Value: £708,302

Development of a functional electrical stimulation system for bone health maintenance in spinal cord injury patients

Award winner: Edward Archer

Institution: University of Ulster

Value: £82,793

An investigation into engineered thermoplastic polymer composite filament for through thickness reinforcement of laminated carbon fibre composites

Award winner: Joanne Mason

Institution: University of Exeter

Value: £100,237

Transport properties of incompressible field-guided MHD turbulence

Leverhulme Trust

Research Project Grants


Award winner: Kristian Franze

Institution: University of Cambridge

Value: £166,156

Forces in neuronal development and growth

Award winner: Stephen Lynch

Institution: Cardiff University

Value: £230,776

Quantum optics of mid-gap chalcogen donors in singlecrystal silicon

Award winner: Hugh Rabagliati

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Value: £158,522

Expectation-driven language learning

Award winner: Elizabeth Sockett

Institution: University of Nottingham

Value: £143,770

The molecular control of bacterial biting and gliding in Bdellovibrio


Research Project Grants


Award winner Stuart Taberner

Institution University of Leeds

Value £260,140

Traumatic pasts, cosmopolitanism and nation-building in contemporary German and South African literature

This project will analyse literary fiction in post-unification Germany and post-apartheid South Africa as a critique of the way these countries relate their traumatic pasts to the globalisation of Holocaust memory ("cosmopolitan memory") in order to promote nation-building. …

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