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Magazine article Working Mother


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Serving kids a healthy and quick a.m. meal with staying power can be challenging. How to provide half the day's whole grains plus protein and fruit- in minutes? Here, answers from Jill West, RD, who talked to nutritionists for her book 400 Moms.

Cereal Thrillers Surprised? So was West. But lowsugar, whole-grain cereals like plain oatmeal, Cheerios, original Shredded Wheat and some granolas can be super-speedy and nutrition-packed breakfast options. Combine with milk or yogurt (protein) and a rotating variety of fruits like berries, bananas or dates-either on top or on the side.

Easy Eggs A speedy scramble in a bit of olive oil, served on a corn tortilla or whole-grain English muffin with a side of fruit, is a complete protein that offers kids essential amino acids and iron. Skip the bacon or sausage, though; extra cooking aside, a fatty, high-calorie breakfast like this is better leftfor the occasional Sunday brunch.

Instant Waffles Try toaster waffles that are high in fiber (at least 3 grams) and contain fewer than 6 grams of sugar (such as Kellogg's Nutri-Grain or Kashi). Choose syrup wisely as well: A light swirl of singleingredient maple is best. A waffle "sandwich" with peanut butter is a terrific, protein-packed day starter.

Why the Fuss? Sometimes your tot exhibits morning mania for seemingly no reason. But "fussy" kids may have tactile sensitivities to small things like hair brushing and clothing seams. The season's woolly sweaters and socks can instigate a meltdown just as you're trying to get out the door. …

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