Magazine article Working Mother

Handmade Halloween

Magazine article Working Mother

Handmade Halloween

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Switch the kids' focus from candy to crafty with these boo-tiful budgetfriendly DIY ideas.

Goofy Pumpkins

Spray-paint a large pumpkin purple and a smaller one green. Cut out a mouth and fangs for each from black and white construction paper and glue on. Cut circles from turquoise paper and glue onto a dozen or so wrapped white lollipops. Then draw black circles to create "eyes." An adult can drill holes for the lollipops into the tops of the pumpkins.

Monster Bowl To create this spooky bowling game, have your local hardware store cut a 1x4 wood board into six 9-inch pieces. Sand the edges, then spray-paint the blocks in various colors (paint one side, let dry, then the other). The kids can use construction paper, googly eyes, markers and glue to decorate the blocks and give them "faces." Draw a bloodshot eye on a bouncy white ball for the bowling ball. Set up the blocks, bowl, and watch the heads roll!

Spooky Decor Repurpose everyday items for a haunted feel: Glue black lace around votive candles for a web effect. Surround the candles with vintage or black Halloween masks. Spray-paint mini pumpkins gold and place them in a glass vase or dome along with plastic spiders for a chilly centerpiece. Finally, find mysterygenre book covers online and print in black-and-white to hang on the walls. -Jamie Weissman

Source: Jess Bailey, party stylist for Evite (

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Ever since my kids were little, I've made it a tradition for them to wear homemade costumes. One year, my daughter wore a green shirt, green tights and a tulle skirt with blooms tied around her head-a forest fairy. …

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