Magazine article World Literature Today

"Strangely Seeming to Count Us . . ."

Magazine article World Literature Today

"Strangely Seeming to Count Us . . ."

Article excerpt

strangely seeming to count us

the leaves fall

the houses are shaped

like a brash thought

in no one no one remains

sometimes the poor hear the void in things

the hands of the blind no longer matter

their agility of pure

bars caressing a word

which thinks us

with the nostalgia of the gods


too soon do we sink

into the landscape of sleep and iron

with fingers deafened

by the cranial cutting edge of computers

into a solitude of liquid helium

and pulverized heart

into the vacuous mouth of objects

only the word can still save us

the word that grinds its own shape

with the intensity of a star

breathing in its own catastrophe

the word through which can be seen

the violet ribs of children

successive workers

with darkened complexions resembling

statistical figures

the bandage of the wares

masking the rotting


we live approximately

with an eye dissected

by speed

astounded we do not notice

how the hunting dogs return

their little Sumerian tablets around their necks

who are you coming out of the net of time

touching with a sprig of myrtle

our space

ah sleep raises cities

on paralytic claws

their music drifts from the future

though the cybernetic bells snow

a deaf blueness

Translation from the Romanian

By Carla Baricz

Editorial note: From Zid si neutrino (Editura Vlasie, 1997). …

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