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Passion Is the Key to Success

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Passion Is the Key to Success

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2014-15 could very well be a turning point in the way VA health care is dispensed to veterans, as well as a banner year for VFW growth.

To say that the Department of Veterans Affairs is undergoing a crisis in confidence is an understatement. By now, you are all familiar with the immense problems plaguing the agency responsible for providing the services veterans need and deserve.

Accountability is sorely lacking at VA, and we will continue to demand that it be put permanently in place. It is the only step that will begin to restore faith in a department severely out of kilter. A progress report will be presented to you regularly in the magazine. In the meantime, there are other issues of importance to attend to.

For one, sequestration will have a profound impact on future defense spending. This is particularly crucial at a time when the nation is at a crossroads in Afghanistan. Protecting U.S. troops there as they withdraw is of paramount concern. Downsizing the armed forces and cutting back on well-earned benefits for military personnel is a move fraught with peril.

Another development of long-standing interest to the organization is the reorganization of the effort to resolve POW/MIA cases. Merging the three agencies responsible into a single coherent command is long overdue.

Meanwhile, promoting our relevance in today's everchanging, technologically oriented society is foremost from a membership standpoint. The issues from one generation to the next are often similar. Finding solutions might be a bit different now, but the end result is the same: protection and preservation of veterans' rights. …

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