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Magazine article New Internationalist


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The Angel

At the end of the summer of '96, Jose Luis Chilavert scored a historic goal in Buenos Aires. The Paraguayan soccer star, who blocks goals as skilfully as he makes them, shot from afar, 30 metres out. The ball flew up into the clouds, then dropped straight down and into the opposing net.

Journalists wanted to know how he did it. What was the secret of that kick? How did he make the ball take that incredible journey? How could the ball fall in a straight line from such a height?

'It hit an angel,' Chilavert explained.

But no-one thought to check the ball for bloodstains. Nobody bothered to look. And so we lost a chance to find out if angels are like us, if only in that way.

Work Clothes

One hundred-and-thirty-five years after his death, Abraham Lincoln was spotted on the streets of Baltimore, Annapolis and other cities in Maryland.

Lincoln would walk into a store, any store. Touching the brim of his top hat, he'd make a slight bow. Then he'd survey the panorama with his unmistakable, mournful eyes while stroking his greying beard, 'no moustache, and from his black frock coat he'd pull out a Magnum 357. And in his direct style, that of a man who makes his point without beating around the bush, he'd say: 'Your money or your life.'

During the month of May in the year 2000, Kevin Gibson, dressed as Abraham Lincoln, held up 11 stores before the police caught him.

Gibson will be in prison for quite a while. He wonders why. After all, he was only imitating the country's most successful politicians.

The Intruders

They had never seen a city.

They travelled to Madrid from their far-off village. Dalia and Felipe, Tojolabal Indians, let themselves be carried along, not asking a thing, accompanied by friendly people from Madrid who ate and drank and walked with them.

After a few days, they were cross-eyed from watching the flow of people and cars, the crowd and the car-owd, and their necks were stiff from gawking at so many tall buildings. …

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