AFEI Seeks to Untangle Confusion Surrounding Electronic Commerce

Article excerpt

Electronic commerce is big business, but prospering in this lightning fast arena is hampered by a welter of competing solutions and terminology.

The state of the art in enterprise engineering and integration is confusing.

Experts note that remedies appear to conflict with one another and do not provide clues on their relationship to solutions on other issues inherent in the enterprise operation.

"In addition," an industry analyst explains, "numerous integrating-platforms concepts are promoted with only marginal or no recognition support of information identification.

"Tools claiming to support enterprise modeling exist in large numbers, but the support is marginal, especially if models are to be used by the enduser. A case in point is decision support."

The Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI), which emerged following the restructuring of the U.S. CALS Industry Steering Group, is seeking both to facilitate electronic commerce and shine the light of clarity on the rapidly developing technologies that underpin it.

A major undertaking this year for AFEI, an NDIA affiliate, is organizing the 21st Century Commerce 1988 conference and exhibition set for October 26-29, at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

This international conclave will examine technical issues associated with conducting business in the next century, challenges and solutions in collaborative commerce, building the virtual enterprise, lessons learned in electronic commerce, resolving global issues in managing data, and the emerging Internet marketplace. …


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