Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Discover the Benefits of Parks and Recreation

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Discover the Benefits of Parks and Recreation

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Benefits Movement Defined

The Benefits Movement is an ongoing process by leisure service providers to identify desirable individual, social, economic, and environmental benefits derived from recreational experiences. This includes the assignment of resources to address and promote these benefits, and the documentation and promotion of resultant outcomes. NRPA is addressing three components of this movement:

Benefits-Based Awareness (BBA)-The promotional efforts that are designed to increase internal and external awareness of the "benefits" of parks and recreation-related experiences in regard to quality-of-life determinants. (NRPAs awareness program is the popular "Parks and Recreation: The Benefits are Endless...TM".)

Benefits-Based Management (BBM-The integration of the Benefits-based approach into the ongoing internal administrative function and philosophy of an agency, including such things as the mission statement, agency goals, work plan, budget procedure, personnel training, planning, and public relations.

Benefits-Based Program (BBP)

-The design and delivery of programs with the intent to address or incorporate the "benefits," using a set of goals and objectives that can be measured and evaluated in an effort to validate specific individual, social, economic, and environmental attributes.

Overview of Benefits Categories

Individual: Opportunities for living, learning, and leading full and productive lives as well as avenues for people to experience purpose, pleasure, health, and well-being. Community: Essential to creating opportunities to live and interact with families, work, groups, neighbors, communities, and the world.

Environmental: Providing and preserving parks and open space enhances the desirability of an area as well as contributes to the health and safety of its inhabitants.

Economic: Not mere expenditure but investment in the future for the viability of people and places.

Benefits Workshops

Training workshops are offered nationwide to train park and recreational professionals about the program. State affiliates that agree to conduct the workshops share in the revenue from this program. Contact your NRPA state affiliate office to obtain workshop dates.

Benefits Resources

Several resources-videos, guides, and merchandise are available through the NRPA Publications Center. For more information, please call (703) 858-2190 or (703) 8582148.

The Benefits Movement - The Big Picture

How valued is your park and recreation agency? Do your decision-makers and patrons think of you as an essential or non-essential service? …

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