Magazine article International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Christain Mission and Religious Pluralism: A Selected Bibliography of Sixty-Seven Books in English, 1991-1998

Magazine article International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Christain Mission and Religious Pluralism: A Selected Bibliography of Sixty-Seven Books in English, 1991-1998

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This listing is a sequel to the bibliography of 175 books in English on Christian Mission and Religious Pluralism that was published here in October 1990. Unfortunately, it is still true that there is no book in any language that provides a comprehensive study of Christian attitudes and approaches to people of other faiths throughout the history of Christianity. Such a study is greatly needed.

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of Interreligious Dialogue. Maryknoll, N.Y.: Orbis Books,1991.

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, ed. Grounds for Understanding: Ecumenical Resources for Responses to Religious Pluralism. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans,1998.

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Christian in Dialogue. Scottdale, Pa.: Herald Press,1997.

Kaufman, Gordon D. God, Mystery, Diversity: Christian Theology in a Pluralistic World. Minneapolis: Fortress Press,1996. …

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