Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

Just a Click Away

Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

Just a Click Away

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NASP Publications on the New NASP App

A school psychologist vaguely remembers a School Psychology Forum article that compared techniques for learning spelling words while talking to a first grade teacher in the school hallway. Unfortunately, she could not remember anything more than the general topic of the article. The school psychologist looks apologetically at the teacher and promises to get the article once she gets back to her office. She knows, though, that unexpected issues often arise and derail her ability to do this in a timely manner.

Many school psychologists have found themselves in similar situations where the lack of immediate access to articles and book chapters has discouraged looking up a particular resource. This represents alostopportunitytousethemost recent research and translate it into practice in the moment. Fortunately, this situation will occurmuchless frequently with the launch of the new NASP publication app for iPads and Android tablets.

The app is a NASP member benefit and features NASP journals and books. All members get unrestricted access to School Psychology Review (SPR) and School Psychology Forum (SPF). In addition, NASP books will be accessible to people who buy the electronic version. The first books available in the app will be the latest version of Best Practices in School Psychology, which was just released in print this September. (Read the interview with Best Practices editors in this issue of Communiqué.)

NASPdeveloped the publications app as part of an effort to improve the accessibility and usability of NASP resources. This move is in response to feedback from NASP members who said that the print versions of the journals and some other publications were increasingly impractical and didn't meet their on-the-go work life. Many other professional publishers are moving to electronic-only content as well, and NASP is committed to staying as current as possible in terms of providing resources to members and other users. Both SPR and SPF are now entirely electronic and will be available on both the app and on the NASP website. The September 2014 issue was the last printed issue for SPR.


The app has a number of features that busy school psychologists and other users will find helpful.

Usability. The app is a free download from both Apple and Google Play app stores. NASP members simply need to use their NASP login ID to access all available issues of SPR and SPF and purchased books (electronic versions only). …

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