Magazine article The News Media and the Law (Online)

Sidebar: The Tools of Data Security

Magazine article The News Media and the Law (Online)

Sidebar: The Tools of Data Security

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There were several breakout sessions at the conference devoted to exploring a variety of encryption technologies and tools. These sessions were devoted to Tor (an internet anonymity and security network), Tails (a secure operating system), PGP (used for email encryption), mobile security, SecureDrop (a secure whistleblower submission system for newsrooms), and off the record internet chats. Although the Reporters Committee does not specifically endorse any, the following are some of the tools and guides mentioned at the conference:

General Guides

* Electronic Frontier Foundation: EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense Guide

* Freedom of the Press Foundation: Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance

* Tow Center for Digital Journalism: Resources for Source Protection

* ProPublica: The Best Encrypted Messaging Programs

* TorrentFreak: Virtual Private Network (VPN) Guide

* Terms of Service Didn't Read (summaries of terms of service agreements)

Secure Operating Systems

* Tails

Internet Anonymity and Security

* Tor

Mobile Security

* Multi-Platform: ChatSecure: Ostel

* Android only: TextSecure: Red Phone

* iPhone only: Signal

Email Encryption

* Windows: Gpg4win

* OSX: GPG Suite

Secure Chat

* Multi-Platform: Crvptocat

* Windows: Pidgin (chat client); OTR (plugin for Pidgin)

* OSX: Adium (chat client with built-in OTR support)

Whistleblower/Source Submission Tools

* SecureDrop

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