Magazine article WLA ; War, Literature and the Arts

Fresh Violence

Magazine article WLA ; War, Literature and the Arts

Fresh Violence

Article excerpt

Detroit Metro, the black jumbotron

flat and ignored

mothers walk alone

their children behind tripping

trying to catch up

pilots and attendants, black leather briefcases

men talking loud into their hidden headsets

janitors pushing their overflowing carts

damp brown paper towels

strewn like the first dead leaves of fall

across the dirty bathroom tile

smell of piss and mint and disinfectant

sari, burka, blouse, jacket and tie

moving in dissonant cadence to their gates

anxious reunions just beyond

the crowded security gate

somewhere in Gaza, Sarajevo, Burma, Sri Lanka

the anchor questioning the nodding correspondent

security announcements interfering

with the riot audio, flags burning in high def

"fresh violence" I think he reports

his words flowers he cuts for us

hour after hour the same headlines play

weather, death, perpetual flux of markets

protests, blue helmets, contested elections

delayed flight, delayed again, cancelled

the moving walkways don't stop, even at night

endless steel tread disappearing

small digital clocks nearly impossible to see

buried so deep in the departure screens

all returning early morning

the giant flat eyelid opening, pixels

blooming together beautifully

to bring us new understaffed hospitals

half-standing buildings, vines of dried blood

a man on top of a car, one arm held up

machine gunning the air

as if the sky could feel. …

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