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InVESTment Programs

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InVESTment Programs

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The Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Grant Act of 2000 provides funding priority for jurisdictions with populations under 100,000. Based upon availability of funds, these smaller jurisdictions may receive up to the maximum of 50% of requested funds in approved applications.

For larger jurisdictions with populations at or over 100,000, the program will pay up to 50% of each applicant's total vest costs, based upon any remaining funds.

It is imperative that jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies not order vests contained in their application until approved by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), unless they have sufficient funds to cover initial costs and any potential shortfall that may result if less than 50% is provided by DOJ.

Funding decisions for the FY 2003 program will be made in June and jurisdictions will be notified of the results.

The BVP program makes funding decisions immediately after the "open application period" ends. Applicants are then notified via email regarding approved funding levels.

Vests meeting applicable NIJ standards can be purchased through any vest distributor.

For more information call toll-free (1-877-75-VESTS) or (1-877-758-3787); e-mail:



The Attorney General's Law Enforcement Protection Plan This program will provide up to 25% of the cost of a bullet resistant vest, up to $150. This program is working in conjunction with the BVP program.

Contactjennifer Ybarra (602) 542-8018


Protect Our Protectors

Operation "Protect Our Protectors" program is designed to donate ballistic vests to Law Enforcement agencies within the State of Georgia, specifically to those agencies that cannot afford to purchase the vests. In order for an agency to be considered for the program, the Chief or head of the agency needs to send a letter on their letterhead to the Georgia Fraternal Order of Police requesting to be considered. There is a limit of 10 vests per agency.


Georgia FOP

Marlin Humphrey

(706) 698-311

Toll Free 1-800-305-0237

Fax (706) 698-9017


Kentucky Body Armor Program The 1998 Kentucky General Assembly enacted legislation to assist city, county, charter county and urban-county police and sheriff's departments with the purchase of body armor for sworn officers


Kentucky Department For Local Government

Gene Kiser

(502) 573-2382, ext. 232


Maryland Aid to Local Law Enforcement

The program's intent is to assist local law enforcement agencies to acquire protective body armor for each police officer or to replace body armor at least every 10 years or sooner if testing indicates a need. …

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