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Mrs Ryan and Mr Corrin by Simon Mayo

Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

Mrs Ryan and Mr Corrin by Simon Mayo

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Two history teachers encouraged the young Simon to think for himself. What they taught him has proved useful in his broadcasting career - and helped him to trip up some famous historians

My father was a headteacher and when I was a child we moved a lot. I changed school at 11 and then at 14 and I've experienced both state and private education. I took the 11-plus twice because we moved from London to the West Midlands and my new school wouldn't accept the first result, even though it was a pass. The second time I took the test, I failed.

I was at Worthing High School in West Sussex between the ages of 14 and 18 and that's where I studied for my O- and A-levels. It was in the history department that I met two teachers who had a great impact on me and who continue to influence my professional life. Mrs Ryan and Mr Corrin taught me history and politics at a time when I first became fascinated by those subjects.

Mrs Ryan was exotic because her husband had been a Labour MP. She was a passionate socialist and a firebrand - and Worthing didn't have many of those in the mid 1970s.

She sparked a number of discussions. I remember she invited her husband to school for a debate about social democracy. He defined social democracy in a Lenin/Marxist way and I was thinking of it in a European social democratic way. So we had an argument. This was unusual as you weren't encouraged to discuss these things at O-level; O-level was about regurgitating facts in the right order.

Mrs Ryan was far more flamboyant than Mr Corrin, who went through his lessons in a methodical way. He was quite awkward socially and wasn't particularly garrulous or friendly. Yet he was a good teacher and he told stories that were interesting and engaging.

We studied a lot of modern European history, British political history, as well as the rise of Germany and Stalin's Russia. …

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