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What Kind of Decision-Maker Are You?

Magazine article Work & Family Life

What Kind of Decision-Maker Are You?

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Some decisions at home and on the job are more difficult than others, but we still have to make them. There's no "best way" or technique that always works, and different decisions sometimes call for different approaches. A lot depends on the nature of your job, your place of work and the particular problem you are trying to solve. Since your personality makes a difference too, it helps to give some thought to whether your decision-making style is intuitive or analytic? Ask yourself:

How do I make decisions? Do I rely on my instincts? Make choices that "feel right?" Or do I make lists of pros and cons? Look for facts and figures to guide me? Evaluate many options carefully before choosing one?

When do I make decisions? As quickly as possible? Just before a deadline? Or do I wait so long mulling over possibilities that someone else usually ends up making the decision for me?

* What do I do after I make a decision? Forget about it and move on or worry about whether I made the right choice?

Intuitive vs analytical styles

Both styles have merit. Intuitive people make decisions faster because they rely on past experiences to guide them. But what happened in the past may not prepare them for new circumstances.

Analytical people, on the other hand, try to weigh every possible option, so they are often perceived by others as indecisive or lacking in confidence. The quest for a "perfect" solution can end up with no decision at all.

Taken to the extreme, each of these decisionmaking styles is ineffective. …

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