Magazine article The Tracker

A Few Words from Mr. Audsley

Magazine article The Tracker

A Few Words from Mr. Audsley

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More than ioo years have passed since George Ashdown Audsley expressed many of his controversial opinions. Below are a few examples.

As [Hopkins id Rimbault's The Organ] was for many years accepted as the great English Directorium in the art of organbuilding, it is not difficult to account for the evident ignorance and disregard of the essential principles of tonal differentiation, displayed by conservative organ-builders and careless organists, in scheming organs of different classes and for different uses and places. Temple of Tone, p. 5.

At this time . . . when the noble Art of Organ-building is suffering a serious decadence under the hands of too many inartistic, know-little, and don't-care tradesmen, it calls for the careful consideration and serious study by all who respect true ecclesiastical music, hallowed by the use of thirteen centuries, and desire to see the instruments, which accompany it, in every way worthy of the high office they have to fulfill.

Temple of Tone, p. 162.

There is no more reason in making and Division of the Organ unexpressive and invariably uniform in strength of its tones, than there would be in destining any division of the Grand Orchestra to deliver its sounds at one unvarying strength and without any expression whatever. Temple of Tone, p. 25.

We unhesitatingly say that the organist. . . who loves, or even tolerates, the uncontrollable roar of a Tuba Mirabilis, on twenty to thirty-inch wind, has no true artistic sense.

Temple of Tone, p. 195.

GAMBA This term applied alone in stop nomenclature, as it very frequently has been and still is, is senseless; it literally signifies leg, and it would seem difficult to apply that term to an organ-stop with any degree of propriety. We strongly recommend the abandonment of this senseless term, and the adoption of the expressive term Viol in its place.

Organ Stops and Their Artistic Registration, p. …

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