Magazine article Variety

Tank Team Talks

Magazine article Variety

Tank Team Talks

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Who's the toughest Shark?

Barbara Corcoran: "Mark Cuban, without a doubt."

Mark Cuban: "Me."

Lori Greiner: "Mark can be fierce when Mark wants to be fierce. But when we all want something, then the fangs come out."

Robert Herjavec: "Sometimes we're tough. Sometimes we're kind. We're human... except Kevin. He has a single, unflappable goal. Which is purely money."

Daymond John: "Every Shark is tough, but the toughest to impress is Kevin O'Leary. He's a bloodsucking, bottom feeder. He's an opportunistic slug."

Kevin O'Leary: "Mr. Wonderful. I love that guy."

Who's the biggest pushover?

Corcoran: "Kevin O'Leary. The character he plays is exactly 180 degrees from who he is. You should see when his wife walks on the set. You can see him visibly shaking!"

Cuban: "Robert."

Greiner: "I don't find Robert too fierce very often, although this season he did get up and walk out during a fight we were all having. I've never seen him get mad before!"

Herjavec: "I hate to admit it, but I probably am. …

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