Students Read "For the Love of Reading" [Why Accelerated Reader Works So Well]

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Ontario teacher explains why Accelerated Reader works so well

For years, educators have been using Accelerated Reader[Symbol Not Transcribed] [registered symbol] (AR[Symbol Not Transcribed] [trademark]) software to motivate students' reading practice, diagnose student reading, and alert them when intervention is needed. Teachers using Accelerated Reader create excitement in the classroom by helping students succeed.

It was Remembrance Day in the Sir Mackenzie Bowell School, a grade-six through eight facility in Belleville, Ontario. A grade-eight student read a verse from the poem In Flanders Fields. What made that special was that at the beginning of the year, his reading level was 0.9, according to Betty Bentley, resource teacher and Accelerated Reader coordinator. He had gained so much in reading ability in just three months that he could read the passage aloud. Bentley said, "He is so turned on by being able to pass AR quizzes that he is becoming an avid reader. He is scoring 100 percent on quizzes, the first perfect score he has ever earned, and it is doing wonders for his self-esteem!"

Valuable data on every student

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AR helps teachers motivate their students to read more books, each at a level where a student is challenged but not frustrated. Reading practice is essential to developing the critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities that ensure a lifelong love of reading and learning. AR helps teachers continuously adjust reading levels to ensure maximum growth for every student.

Bentley continued by saying, "His growth in reading ability was typical of the growth in reading ability among our population of grade-six through grade-eight students. Almost without exception, they have all shown growth in reading ability, motivated by our use of Accelerated Reader." Even more satisfying to Bentley is the way students have started to read for the love of reading. She said, "When we came back from Christmas holidays, 45 of our 195 students had read books during the break and were anxious to take Reading Practice[Symbol Not Transcribed] [trademark] quizzes on them."

More teaching-less paperwork

Accelerated Reader provides the kind of accurate, reliable information an educator can use to help every student succeed. It enables the teacher to choose the appropriate intervention for each student, and solve reading problems fast. What's more, AR reduces paperwork, so there is more time to do what teachers do best - teach!

As teacher-librarian for the school, Bentley said that library circulation has quadrupled and "we are adding titles to the library on a weekly basis. …