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Combatting Terrorism, Supporting Warriors

Magazine article VFW Magazine

Combatting Terrorism, Supporting Warriors

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For the third time in 24 years, U.S. forces find themselves in Iraq. Though small in numbers, they should remain large on our minds.

It is a VFW resolution that has been around for 14 years now: Support the Troops and Their Mission in the War on Terrorism. The wording is open-ended enough to accommodate multiple enemies, as well it should. This time it is the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Resolution 401 is careful to point out that in order to prosecute this war, essentially waged from the air, the Administration and Congress must provide the armed forces and intelligence agencies the necessary resources to defeat our enemies. Doing so is vital to our national security.

ISIS/terrorism as an issue catapulted to near the top of public concerns in the days leading up to the midterm elections in November. As a news event, Americans took notice. Most people see the Islamic radicals as a genuine threat. One poll found that nearly half of Americans feel less safe now than at any other time since Sept. 11,2001.

The third round in Iraq has been dubbed Operation Inherent Resolve by the Pentagon. The mission is limited in scope. Participants qualify for the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. In all likelihood, many of the air crews and ground advisers served in the era's other two wars, so they are already eligible for VFW membership.

But that is a minor consideration. With heightened interest in foreign affairs (no matter how fleeting) comes more public scrutiny. Public perception is that limited airstrikes are not effective, and almost two-thirds of people think there is no "clear goal," according to a Pew Research poll. …

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