Magazine article Tikkun


Magazine article Tikkun


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(circa 1887- )

You evaded the fire-storm, reaching the shore

Of the New World long before, so nothing

To speak of has shaken you more than the rage

In my father's voice or my brother's infant fist

Shattering a pane of the china closet, leaving you

Unharmed (the shards swept away, the glass

Replaced in a day). Through it all you never

Were lifted, never filled, until at the close

Of the century I asked for you. A door

Opened: you were offered without a pang,

Without a story. Nothing have I beheld

As perfectly made - but are you the craft

Of a human hand or a portal to splendor?

Burnt umber glazes my espresso,

I'm adriftyet home, my lip touching

Yours touching gold; and when I'm done

I peer over the brim to find a faded

Corona within. Your fluted pedestal

Gives you balance, you contain an eternity

Of sighs: at the bottom, where you taper

And the dregs settle, thick enough to muffle

Any cry, a blossom abides in the center

(Even when you are empty something is there). …

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