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Exit Interview

Magazine article Workforce

Exit Interview

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I remember our first exit interview The one we shared... During the '92 downsizing. Stu Davis, non-exempt, skinny guy kept cracking his knuckles, At you, the New Hire At me, a five-year vet having already accrued 21 vacation days per year.

You were so nice, so nervous. Your damp hair dripping like tears.

You ran down the list of standard questions with Davis, And If ell into a reverie: I imagined we went to lunch at the International Food Court and stole a passionate kiss on the lawn behind the deep red Martech Systems Corporation Guest Parking sign

It would be our eternal secret. We would both shudder every day of our working lives when we passed in the hallway

I'd kiss a Post-It and toss it over the wall of your cubicle the wall we would share at least until we were 59 1/2 and could make penalty-free withdrawals from our 401 (k)s. you it shake the cube wall ever so gently to let me know you if got it.

You showed Stu such respect. Love, even, it seemed to me. You said you were sorry and hoped things would work out. Afterwards, I had to tell you to be less personal...

I never dreamed you il become so cynical We still share that same cube wall, but now it splits the smoked glass window we both look out of giving us two different pictures of the same world (the Rymshack Business Park). …

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