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Let's Cut to the Tape

Magazine article Variety

Let's Cut to the Tape

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ovie trailers are an art: it's tough to distill a twohour film into a few minutes, max. The studios have an even trickier assignment with clips for awards shows, since the snippet must capture the mood and themes of the film - plus showcase as many awards contenders as possible.

Given those demands, it's easy to use the same clips over and over again, at the Globes, critics awards and the guild prizes.

But there are always alternatives. Here's a brief recap of the favorite scenes being shown on the awards circuit, along with some alternate suggestions that help accentuate different aspects of the films.


Favorite Clip: Edward Norton arresting Ralph Fiennes, who makes a run for it.

Alternative: The fast montage of various monks as they help Fiennes go into hiding, starting with the instruction, "Get on the next cable car."


Favorite clips: The opening scene of Bradley Cooper on the rooftop aiming his rifle, and then telling his wife on the phone that he's coming home.

Alternative: Sienna Miller in bed with Cooper, pleading to him. "1 need you to be human again. I need you here."


Favorite clips: Michael Keaton walks down a New York street, with Birdman appearing over his shoulder; Emma Stone blasting Keaton.

Alternative: Edward Norton's first scene rehearsing the play, in an intense argument with Michael Keaton starting with "What's your point?" - and then Norton (and the camera) following Stone backstage. …

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