Magazine article Sunset

It's a Wrap

Magazine article Sunset

It's a Wrap

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Weave ribbons around the base of a living Christmas tree

* What looks like the biggest present under this living Christmas tree is an easy to-make cylindrical surround that masks the pot in which the tree grows. It's wrapped in ribbons and sized to the height and width of the pot, which sits in a waterproof saucer. (It's a good idea to elevate the saucer to allow air to circulate.) You can also scale the surround to fit a lower, smaller stand for a cut tree.

TIME: About two hours

COST: About $20


2-foot-wide, 2-inch, 20-gauge poultry netting (about 25 cents a foot) OR

4-foot-wide, 2- by 3-inch mesh fencing (about 79 cents a foot)

Tape measure

Wire snips

A can of gold spray paint

Several long rolls of ribbon


Glue gun

Cut a rectangle of poultry netting or mesh fencing slightly larger than the height and circumference of the Christmas tree container. (To make a smooth horizontal line for the top and bottom edges of the netting, fold the wire over on itself. …

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