Magazine article The Spectator

Class Matters

Magazine article The Spectator

Class Matters

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New York

Gee whiz! I've been in the wrong business all this time. Thirty years of writing rubbish and sweating over my simple prose, when I could have been giving orders all around and taking bows. Living the life of an editor, that is.

`Top Drawer', my tiny organ, appears fortnightly as a section of the New York Press, a weekly newspaper with a circulation of 120,000. The plan is to go weekly, once I find more writers. We already lost one - a woman - to Rupert Murdoch. He had his lackey, John Podhoretz - a man so cheap, when his wife asked him to take her dancing he took her to the Hare Krishnas at the airport - hire my blonde for the kind of money the Draft Dodger just paid out to Paula Jones for whipping it out.

If you're still with me, this is how it goes. The poor little Greek boy finds a pretty blonde who can write, loses her to a rich Australian, but finds his real calling in life, which is interviewing various girls for `Top Drawer'. In the meantime, the editorial meetings are held on Sunday nights at the Park Avenue Bistro, where large amounts of wine are consumed, mostly by the British-born writer on the staff, one Toby Young. It is a fun life, especially when we come up with a good idea. For example: my deputy -- sounds great, doesn't it? Sam Schulman, came up with the idea of the Taki-Top Drawer prize. This consists of a grand dinner at Elaine's followed by the prize giving. First prize will be awarded to the man or woman who this year showed reckless disregard to self-interest in pursuit of the truth. The second Taki prize will be awarded to the man or woman who showed reckless disregard to the truth in pursuit of self-interest.

The person who will award the prizes for some strange reason I don't think the recipient of the second prize will show up - will be Tim Vogel, a hero fighter-pilot in Vietnam, a man who flew a record 220 missions. Tim's father was killed flying in Korea, and he was portrayed by William Holden in the film The Bridges of Toko-Ri. Tim's mother was played by Grace Kelly. Both his brothers are still serving in the armed forces. I can't think of a better man than Tim and we are honoured he accepted the invitation.

Mind you, it's not all fun and games. …

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