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Magazine article Psychology Today


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Gender Bender

I CANNOT EXPRESS my love enough for "None of the Above" (April). As someone who identifies as a multigender, nonbinary trans person, I practically jumped up and down at such a well-written article. People often take for granted the importance of gender pronouns. We're so conditioned to assume someone's pronouns just by their physical appearance that the idea of asking respectful questions about how they would like to be identified is often met with scorn and ridicule.


Las Vegas, NV

Siblings, Split

THANK YOU FOR "The Ties That Unwind" (April). I was glued to the article. After years of being put down and belittled by my sister, I made the decision to minimize her presence in my life. I couldn't continue with the toll it took on my emotional well-being. I still see her at family gatherings, and although it's tense, I feel this was the best decision. I was glad the author acknowledged that sometimes it is in one's best interest to make that tough call, in spite of the pressure to stick by family regardless of the cost.


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I APPRECIATE YOUR sensitive and powerful article regarding adult sibling issues. The feelings of loss and despair after the death of one's parents are painful, and the lack of opportunity to reflect on childhood experiences and memories to maintain a living connection, magnifies the void.



I WAS SURPRISED that the article on estranged siblings didn't mention physical abuse. My sister punched, pinched, kicked, hit, and bit me from the time she learned to walk until we hit our early teens. We do have a relationship now, but there's always a part of me that's afraid she'll hurt me.


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SARA ECKEL'S ARTICLE about sibling relationships sadly ignores a very difficult situation in which a sibling has sexually molested another over a period of time. It's especially egregious when the parents either do not acknowledge that it happened or minimize it. …

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