Magazine article World Literature Today

Two Poems

Magazine article World Literature Today

Two Poems

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The Eagle's Shadow Darkens the Storm

at that time my eyes

were in the window opening of a memorial hall

the eagle came at such a height

spreading the force of deterrence

the hen's wings opened like wooden doors

little chickens tumbled in from all corners

one ran the farthest

lifted up by the eagle's claws

later I studied in a little shrine

the wilderness outside was the site for school


the eagle often came spiraled in the sky

looked down at children who gazed up high

now where I live

there is no eagle

but someone has seen it beyond the mountains

places where the eagle goes

always breed fear and savage things

modern civilization can't be instilled into the eagle's


scientific revolution can't evolve the eagle

in the troubled backdrop of the world

the eagle's shadow darkens the storm

May You See the Splendor of Stars in This World

the man on the cellphone

has a euphoria in his eyes

the big bird plunging down

has a euphoria in its chest

the pot of sunflowers in full bloom

has a euphoria at the heart of each petal

the magnolia treetop shakes its tender leaves

there must be a euphoria gushing up from roots

deep down

the truck buries its head and rushes its way

suppresses a euphoria

waiting to free it at its destination

the girl who has received her acceptance letter

tightly hugs a euphoria

that can't wait to explode

I must record them one by one

who knows which day I'd have one

to put together with the rest

I will record more more

so you may see the splendor of stars in this world

may you too have a euphoria

Translations from the Chinese By Fiona Sze-Lorrain


Fiona Sze-Lorrain is a poet, literary translator, editor, and zheng harpist. …

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