Magazine article Sculpture

New Windsor, New York

Magazine article Sculpture

New Windsor, New York

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Zhang Huan

Storm King Art Center

Zhang Huan's multi-disciplinary blockbuster show at Storm King offered a material exercise in storytelling that turned on his biography and laid out his views on Chinese tradition, religion, and politics. Featuring delicate drawings, installations, photographs, detrital ash sculptures, and large-scale outdoor works, "Evoking Tradition" tread softly inside, before exploding onto the lush grounds touched by falling autumn leaves-the environment only slightly less evocative than Zhang's over- life-size, gold- leafed likeness, suspended vertically as the clapper of a monumental devotional bell.

Indoor videos, drawings, maquettes, photographs, and small sculptures introduced the range of Zhang's practice and documented the making of Three Legged Buddha, a massive work in hammered copper, at once iconic and playful, gigantic and self-regarding. Installed a field or two away from Storm King's massive Mark di Suveros, Three Legged Buddha has been a permanent, and popular, fixture since it was donated by the artist and his gallery in 2010.

Zhang was born in Henan Province in 1965. He began his career in Beijing as a performance artist; in 1998, he moved to New York, where his performances were well received. He later moved to Shanghai and began to work in sculpture, using drawing and photography along the way to track his monumental twoand three-dimensional work.

At Storm King, Zhang's story began with a series of sequentially installed drawings, little more than planning notes for Three Legged Buddha. Quickly dashed off in blue and red ink, they display masterful handling. The drawings led to maquettes for Three Legged Buddha and finally to a modest, smaller-than-life copper version suggestive of a misshapen riff on Degas's Little Dancer.

The next gallery displayed a series of vials containing incense ash from Buddhist temples in Shanghai. …

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