Magazine article The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Mangos! Jeb Bush Thinks He's Latino

Magazine article The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

Mangos! Jeb Bush Thinks He's Latino

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So Jeb Bush thinks he's Latino or wants to be Latino. I suppose there are many people who at times also wish they were Latinos because that's not a bad thing to be nowadays, socially and politically.

Hispanismo in the U.S. has a much better image now and is getting better.

Many can still remember when Hispanics, and their culture, were a disparaged, discriminated ethnic group; a U.S. minority seemingly destined to the social and economic backlots.

John Ellis Bush, aka Jeb Bush, finds it amusing that recently a clerk in the Florida election bureau unwittingly discovered that in the 2009 voter registration application form he had marked himself as "Hispanic."

"My mistake! I don't think I fooled anyone," Jeb Bush said.

Some people, mostly the non-Bushes, non-Republican crowd tried to cast this as not being particularly funny and socioculturally perplexing -maybe politically driven-while wondering what Jeb was trying to pull off with this gambit.

The Florida Democratic Party said the former governor may have committed a felony with his impersonation.

It's a bit incredulous that some people would think the "yo-soy-Hispano" by Jeb Bush was an attempt to increase his political currency or other motives and won't accept it as an inadvertent Freudian slip.

I don't know if there's a penalty-probably not-for this civil infraction except for the potential of creating some political mischief later on when Jeb Bush takes his politics nationally.

You can't deny it's amusing. Still it makes some people wonder if those sentiments for Latinos make those feelings palatable.

Jeb Bush has never talked about this inexplicable "Latino thing" he has had with his DNA and he never bothered to explore it other than the circumstances that led him to feel the Latino chromosomes whirling in him.

He comes from New England peerage but was born in Midland, Texas, the son of former president, George H.W. Bush, who then was getting richer in the West Texas oil business.

Midland, Texas is cowboy, oil roustabouts' country and the Latinos who live in that part of West Texas would be mostly Mexicans toiling in agricultural work but the environment in those days wasn't right for Jeb Bush's Latino thing.

Like most sons of New England peerage and following his dad's footsteps, Jeb went away to school at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. …

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