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Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Sites and Sounds

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How to achieve a unique and impressive gathering place for your community

Most parks have a common goal, to bring their community together. They are designed as a place to gather and a place to have fun. But what if you want to make your site unique and more impressive? How do you draw in a large crowd? How do you revamp a park that is losing appeal? What if you want to generate revenue back?

One structure can answer all of these questions and redefine how a park is used and recognized by your community: amphitheaters.

Amphitheaters date back to the ancient Greeks and while the look has continuously evolved, their function remains the same. They are a stage for bands, plays, festivals, fairs and special events - all of which will draw a crowd and bring people together for entertainment. They provide a visually interesting backdrop that will frame a performance and create a central focal point. They can assist with acoustics and better project sound toward the audience. Amphitheaters provide necessary protection from the elements and can be enhanced by adding lighting and sound equipment. They can also be designed to accommodate room additions or to attach to other structures.

Amphitheaters are as unique as your creativity allows and vary greatly in size and shape. There is no typical design, which makes them an eye-catching and impressive piece for your site. They can be small, fitting perfectly into a downtown city park drawing attention from passersby - or a large focal centerpiece at the base of a hill, allowing large seating areas for visitors to stay awhile. Many different materials can also be used to better fit a structure into its surroundings. A steel design can be created for sleek lines and curves, wood will portray a more classic look, and fabrics are perfect for a more artistic and whimsical feel.

What Structure Works Best?

When deciding on a design that best fits your site, look to a shade company that can take your ideas and combine them with their experience to create the perfect fit. There are several different factors to consider when choosing the type of amphitheater that works best for your location. Evaluate the surroundings - do you want the structure to blend in or stand out? Evaluate how it will be used - does your community have programs that need large or small venues? Will this shelter need to be usable year-round? All structures will be engineered for the weather in your area to ensure longevity and safety. Also consider what steps are taken to protect the structure from the elements such as factory powder coating, factory wood staining and fabric warranties. …

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