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Magazine article Times Educational Supplement


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We bring you discussion, debate and issues from around the web and around the world by focusing on the most popular educational hashtags on Twitter

Exam season is almost over, and this year students have been taking to Twitter in record numbers to complain, commiserate and celebrate about their various exams.

The #EdexcelMaths paper received a lot of attention, not least because of a question about a girl called Hannah and some sweets. The problem had two sentences of narrative about sweets, before asking pupils to prove an equation, or, as @ExamProblems put it:

"Hannah eats some sweets.

Now calculate the circumference of the Moon using your tracing paper and a rusty spoon."

But not everyone sympathised. @SurrealAnarchy asked: "Are pupils today so mollycoddled and spoon-fed that they don't expect to get anything difficult or wrong in an exam? …

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