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Making an Instant Connection with 'The One'

Magazine article Strings

Making an Instant Connection with 'The One'

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Player With a series of riveting performances at last year's International Violin Competition of Indianapolis, Jinjoo Cho won the competition's gold medal. Though Cho plays a loaned Guarneri as her primary instrument, as part her IVCI prize, Cho also has a fouryear loan of the 1683 "Gingold" Stradivari.

Violin "I cannot give out the specific information about the Giuseppe "filius Andrea" Guarneri because of my agreement with the loaner," Cho says. "However, I can say that for the longest time I used Pirastro Evah Pirazzi, but I'm currently using Thomastik-lnfield Peter Infield strings." Born in 1666, Giuseppe Guarneri worked in his father Andrea's workshop for 20 years

before inheriting Casa Guarneri in 1698. ("Filius Andrea" means "son of Andrea" to differentiate him from his son, Giuseppe "del Gesù" Guarneri.)

Though thoroughly dominated by the workshop of his neighbor, Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe's two sons followed him into violin making.

The elder son Pietro moved to Venice in 1717 while "del Gesù" stayed in Cremona, inheriting the workshop after the death of "Filius Andrea" in 1740.

Condition "Beautiful golden brown, the usual scratches done over hundreds of years."

Bow Sartory, on loan from the Indianapolis Competition

Is this your primary instrument?


How does it compare to your previous primary violin?

I had. a student instrument before this. I think it was a copy of the Vuillaume, however, it had a really dark, rich tone, almost like a viola. It also had a big sound and projected well in the hall. People used to come backstage and ask what kind of instrument I was using. In the Paul Kantor studio, a couple of us joked that we should just tell people that we play the authentic Italian "Crappini." But all joking aside-and the price tags aside-I loved that instrument. It decided a lot of my playing style in the early years. The Guarneri I'm using is much more open and virtuosic, but I still look for that dark, dark swirling tone and character that I used to hear from my previous violin.

What gift does this violin bring to your playing that cannot be found in any other instrument?

Now that I think back, I stumbled into the greatest opportunity without realizing how special that was.

The instant connection that I felt with the instrument was incredible. I started playing the Guarneri in Severance Hall and everyone knew that this was the one. And when you know that you have a connection with the instrument, the trust level is so high, and it makes the artistic process so much more enjoyable. I've tried a lot of instruments, but I never had the immediate spark and fireworks like I did with this one. I love everything about this violin.

How does this violin inspire you as a performer?

Knowing that you can trust your instrument is an amazing feeling. …

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