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Magazine article Variety


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Tech Sizzles for Summer

Today's devices can help you avoid sunburns, stay hydrated and even tell you when it's time to head back indoors.

June Bracelet I $129

We all know UV rays can be harmful, and we all use sunscreen to protect our skin. Except when we forget to put it on. Or when we apply it once, and then get burned hours later. The June bracelet is like an activity tracker for your skin, measuring UVA and UVB rays, and sending alerts to an iPhone via Bluetooth to let you know when it's time to reapply sunscreen or take refuge in the shade.

HydraCoach Water Bottle I $30

Some health experts recommend drinking half a gallon of water every day, and staying hydrated is even more important when temperatures rise. This water bottle takes the guesstimates out of your water intake by measuring how much you drink. It even calculates optimal daily intake based on your weight, and then keeps track of that goal.

Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller I $249

The Rachio smart irrigation controller can help drought-besieged Californians comply with outdoor watering restrictions, while saving water when it's overcast or drizzling. The system automatically accesses online weather reports, and lets you track consumption from your phone. …

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