Magazine article American Forests

A Quick Look: Four Global Releaf Sites

Magazine article American Forests

A Quick Look: Four Global Releaf Sites

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Where: Western Washington state, near Redmond

Size: 14 miles

Global Releaf Fund site: 1/2 mile of riverbank

Trees Planted: More than 13,000 native trees and shrubs: Douglas-fir, sitka spruce, various willow, bigleaf maple, Oregon ash, salmonberry shrub, nootka rose, twinberry

Animals that Benefit: Chinook, and sockeye seh- (wild and hactchery), river of er, great blm heron, various small moms and birds, has; eis

Sponsors: AMERICAN FORESTS, Sammamish Watershed Forum, King County, cities of Bothell, Redmond, and Woodinville, Washington State Jobs for the Envi"nt Program, World Conservation Corps, ARCO

Corporate Sponsor: Eddie B"er


Where: Southern Texas, on the border with Mexico

Size: 1,500+ miles (entire Rio Gr )

Global ReLeaf Forest site: STO acres

Trees Planted: 124,854 hisacbe; tepeguqe, Texas ebony, retama, Wright's acacia, honey mesquite, anacua, granjeno, brasil, more than 60 others

Animals that Benefit: Green jay, chachalaca, ocelot, jaguarundi red-crowned parrot, indigo snake, buff-bell ed hummingbird Sponsors: AMERICAN FORESTS, farmers in Cooperative Farming Program, Valley Proud Environmental Council, Audubon Sabal Palm Sanctuary, National Park Service, Mexican agencies and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)

Corporate Sponsor: Mobil Corporation


Where: Near State College, Pennsylvania

Size: 9,656-acre born area (280,000 acres, entire forest)

Global ReLeaf Forest site: Entire bare area

Trees Planted: 14,430 red ook, black cherry, white ash, white pine, pitch pine, apple

Animals that Benefit: Black bear, wild turkey, ruffed grouse, gray and red squirrels, white-td deer, blue jay, scarlet tanger, many songbirds, small rodents

Sponsors: AMERICAN FORESTS, Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association, Walnut Acres Organic form, Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry, Penn ReLeaf

Corporate Sponsor: Triangle Pacific Floring Group


Where: Jepi Valley, Romania, 63 miles northwest of Bucharest Global ReLeaf Forest site: 62 acres

Trees Planted: 1,800 sycamore maple, birch, pine, elm, beech, alder, spruce fir

Animals that Benefit: Brown bear, peregrine falcon, chamois, red fox, long-red owl, grey wolf, great spotted woodpecker

Sponsors: AMERICAN FORESTS, Forestry Research Institute, NGOs Corporate Sponsor: Briggs and Stratton Corporation

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