Magazine article Parenting for High Potential

X, Y, Z Is for Xtending Youthful Zeal

Magazine article Parenting for High Potential

X, Y, Z Is for Xtending Youthful Zeal

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Editor's Note: Over the past several years, Dr. Joanne Foster has devoted countless hours to authoring this regular column, the "ABCs of Being Smart," for Parenting for High Potential. From the letter "A" onward, she has written a great deal about how parents can offer support, guidance, and encouragement to their high-ability children and teens as they strive toward success and fulfillment-now, and into the future.

We've finally arrived at the letter "Z," so this represents the final installment. We thank Joanne for her dedication to this column, Parenting for High Potential, NAGC, and gifted children everywhere.

Xperience (The foundation for learning)

Xposure-Ensure that children have plentiful opportunities to play and to learn.

Xpression-Communication-getting ideas out into the world through words, art, music, physical activity-lies at the very core of learning.

Xtra-Pay extra attention to being patient and resourceful-motivating children and teens to take the time to experiment, examine ideas, and excel.

Xhibit-Demonstrate solid work habits, persistence, and a desire to succeed. Achievement and happiness are not givens. They are acquired by means of exertion, practice, and perseverance.

Xceptional-There are some areas where kids' abilities may be offthe charts, and others where they are less so. Regardless, encourage their efforts and provide the necessary reinforcements and guidance so they can meet expectations, and possibly even exceed them.

Xpand-Horizons are as wide and expansive as one's imagination...Help children find ways to exercise their curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills, and to challenge the status quo.

Yearning (The driving force)

Yet-This is a powerful little word that indicates that there's both room and impetus to extend boundaries and scale new heights.

Yield-This is also a powerful word because it's indicative of the willingness to show flexibility. …

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