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Magazine article In These Times


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Our national shame

That i in 4 employed mothers are back at work within two weeks of giving birth is shocking ("The Real War on Families," August). As Sharon Lerner writes, "Most other cultures treat this immediate post-natal period as a sacred time." This is the way it should be. The United States should be ashamed.

I know the anguish and stress firsthand. I was a working-class mom who was nursing and had to leave my baby after an absurd six weeks. I was "lucky" to get that much paid leave in the 1980s. Now I see my daughter struggling with the same heart-wrenching issues, first with her son and now with her newborn daughter.

In the 2016 presidential election, this issue should be in the forefront. As for the far-right politicians and their supposed reverence for family values, they should walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Carol Stodola

Manitowoc, Wis.

A real pro-lifer

If men were capable of being impregnated, have no doubt that abortion would be legal ("The Last Abortion Doctor in Mississippi," August). Yes, not only would it be legal, but no one would be vilified for performing or obtaining one. It is in the interest of proponents of patriarchy, however, to subjugate women by denying reproductive choice, much as militarists have no problem shipping other peoples sons and daughters off to war. It seems such folks often embrace the Orwellian label "pro-life." If you really want to see a sustainer and upholder of life, you need look no further than Dr. Willie Parker.

Jennifer Ireland

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