A Word from the Editor

Article excerpt

Two of our features this month deal with broad mandates or rulings that may impose regulations, liabilities or expense on our readers' companies, despite the probability that the strong majority are already, so to speak, in voluntary "compliance." The pattern, of course, is nothing new. Though we all are expected to follow them, rules and laws are aimed at the minority that-for whatever reason-do not act until their hands are forced. Just how long the long arm should extend is a political question I won't get into. But in terms of the examples we consider here-sexual harassment court decisions and ergonomic guidelines-it seems apparent that for many of our readers, new regulations and legal standards are preaching to-or controlling-the converted.

Since the Court has handed down a decision that shifts the burden of proof to employers in particular sexual harassment cases, effective risk managers will now ensure that their harassment complaint procedures are updated, comprehensive and understood by all employees. …


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