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Vancouver Technical's Graphic Lab Working Day and Night [Vancouver Technical Secondary School]

Magazine article Teach

Vancouver Technical's Graphic Lab Working Day and Night [Vancouver Technical Secondary School]

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What's the best way to set up a computer lab so that both high school students and adults taking continuing education courses can use the same lab without interfering with each other's work or messing up the network settings? This was a question that educator Luigi Bassani faced at Vancouver Technical Secondary School and his solution was to use Mac OS X Server to operate a network of Power Macintosh G3 computers.

"Vancouver Technical has long been recognized as an "exemplary school" with an outstanding Career Preparation Graphics Program," said Luigi Bassani, Graphics Program Instructor and head of the Technical Studies Department at Vancouver Technical Secondary School. "Now it is also being recognized for its new G3 lab, made possible by a joint partnership with Community Education Services (CES). By working together, the funding for the lab was made possible; now everyone will benefit from this partnership."

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Vancouver Technical hosts a multicultural population of 1855 students attending Grade 8-12 classes. Over 150 high school students use the Graphics Lab every day. The Lab employs 15 Power Macintosh G3 computers to run a host of graphics software applications, which are in demand by the Continuing Education Service students who use the lab during the evenings and on Saturdays.

"CES wants Vancouver Tech to be the site where they can offer all its high end graphics application courses," said Bassani. "This lab certainly does that with a full slate of evening courses which include Photoshop 5.0, Illustrator. 8.0, PageMaker 6.5, QuarkExpress 4.0, and Microsoft Office 98."

Josie Lombardi programs computer studies courses for the Vancouver School Board's Community Education Services. Lombardi serves as the point person who fields technical support questions from adult education teachers. By running adult education classes in the public schools, she says, "We've effectively doubled the return on our investment." Lombardi wants the night adult education program to be "invisible" and not impinge on the daytime school setting. From Bassani's perspective, this has become a reality.

As the teacher of the junior graphics classes as well as the senior Career Preparation Graphic Program, Bassani needed to set up the lab to ensure that each student group had a different user environment. Bassani designed the network administration to be less restrictive as the students became more experienced. …

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