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Magazine article AMLE Magazine


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Amusing, interesting, and provocative comments from the field of education

"Parents who want their children accelerated have to go to great lengths to make their case. In doing so, they are called 'pushy' by educators who dismiss their arguments as nonsense fed by mother love."

- Jay Mathews, "Why Are American Schools Slowing Down so Many Bright Children"? The Washington Post, June 21, 2015.

"If the hardest working and most talking person in the room is the teacher, there might need to be a reassessment of what's happening."

- Steven W. Anderson, @web20classroom

"Again and again, proponents of school reform overplay their hand and reveal that they have so little respect for teachers that they can't work hard enough to marginalize their participation in the process."

- D ave Powell, "Should Teachers be Grading Common Core Tests? …

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